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New blog post up — link in bio! . . . . . #blogger #writer #Isaiah #covid #covid_19 #coronavirus #wordpress #writing #blog #fear #faith #anxiety #whynotme
Hey, love? Happy first Valentine’s Day ever getting to physically be together ♥️ Today has been ordinary and perfect - I wouldn’t have if any other way.
• Home Sweet Home • One challenge we face with every move is finding space for things in different ways and making each place really feel like home for the season we are there. It’s not perfect, but it’s home and something to be thankful for. Side note: Only our living room because there isn’t a whole lot more to our tiny apartment 😂
3 weeks of adventures across the states, over 2,000 miles driven, and I’m thankful they were all with you. Time to settle back into what it means for home to be together again ♥️ #stlouis #gatewayarch #adventure
3 years, 3 Tough Mudders, an always changing team, but a core group that remains the same. I can promise you that 3 years ago when we started this, none of us thought it would become an annual tradition or that we would travel hundreds of miles to make it happen. Throughout the last 3 years, each of us have changed individually and I really believe part of what started some of that change for us all was finding this thing that challenges us and keeps us focused on a goal that has lead to other goals. This year wasn’t my best, last year was, but even still I look back at where we all were 3 years ago and can say we are all able to accomplish things now we couldn’t then. That strength and endurance have increased while fear is pushed further and further aside. Love this family I get to be a part of. Love this team and the fact that my husband got to become a part of it this year. Love the memories that are created. Love the challenge. Can’t wait for the next! . . . . . #thesearemypeople #toughmudder #family #framily #mudruckers #toughmudder2019 #holdmybeer #dosxx #florida
Before and After 🎄 Making wreaths for our little home in Kansas and the first one is officially done 😊 . . . 3 years of working side by side with Michael Fritz’s AMAZING talent leads to learning a few things along the way #Christmas #wreaths #succulents #frosted #pine #burlap #pointsetta #nature
This week marks a year of us living apart as a result of work on both ends. I left at the very beginning of November last year to come back to Dallas for my job and in January, he headed 5,000 miles away for his. One year of living in different spaces has been hard and that’s with still getting small bits of them together within the last year because we worked hard to make it happen and God made a way. Time we were lucky to get. Time that was a tremendous gift. But while this week marks one very long year apart, it also marks another move that means my husband is so close to being home and that one year held adventures, memories and learning that I will never forget or take for granted. Now hurry home, @murraycraig ! Our pups are excited to see you and I might be a little bit as well..
Celebrated the October/November birthdays tonight and my mom surprised me with my favorite cake! A sweet gift when you haven’t had it in years and when you’re usually the one making the cakes! Thankful for every moment I’m getting with my family right now. Here’s to two 27-year-olds and a uh.....28-year-old 🎉
When the car rental company runs out of cars but let you know they have a “minivan” and “bus” left...I asked for the minivan but I’m not convinced this isn’t the bus. If I wasn’t already convinced I would never be the type to own a minivan, this has clarified it all the more. #Germany #jetlag My minivan is better than yours @alyssasnead242