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We celebrated 2 years of marriage this past week and I can honestly say our 2nd year was hard, friends. We were apart for exactly half of it and the process of learning while distant in that first half was hard, hurt at times on both sides and brought to the surface our personal struggles, our biggest fears and also led to the last 6 months of healing. The process of healing has been hard in a different way, uncomfortable and imperfect but the Lord is good and always at work redeeming, sharpening and shaping. The last 6 months (in particular the last 2 months) have been so sweet though. As hard as it has also been, we have uniquely been able to be thankful for this extra time we are getting together we would never ever get if it weren’t for the virus. The last 16 weeks we have been able to secretly and humbly celebrate the little life the Lord has blessed us with. The last 6 months we have gotten to spend time again with friends and family, creating new relationships and building on the old. How sweet and kind the Lord has been, even in that first 6 months. . Year 3 will not only bring about more time together than year 2 did, but my 28th birthday at the beginning of November will bring about the sweetest gift, one we are so humbled and excited to be celebrating, and a couple months after that, another move to a new state. We are ecstatic about each of these changes, praising the Lord for keeping our little one safe up to this point while also praying for our friends longing for the same news, thanking Him for a chance to explore a new state and go back and finish school, and excited for a different season in Craig’s career. . We are undeserving each and every day but the Lord is good, kind and always working, even when his answer is no or not yet or we don’t understand. Sitting here celebrating this anniversary is nothing but a mark of just those things and how he heals even something so broken. . I love the man sitting next to me and am unbelievably grateful to have him in my life ♥️ Here is to the year we become parents!
Longing for the day we get to back to Germany and other parts of Europe 🇩🇪 One year ago today, we walked ALL across Prague (accidentally); wouldn’t have done it different if we were back there today. I grew up listening to one of my closest friends talk about her adventures in the Czech Republic with her family. She would bring back pictures and chocolates and always send me postcards ♥️ I looked forward to it every year and going to visit myself for the first time was absolutely incredible! #europe #adventures #rothenburgobdertauber #germany #czechrepublic #prague #praha #travel
I haven’t been asked to make a cheesecake in SO long! You better believe it was hard not making a second one to keep for myself 😳 New York Cheesecake with chocolate drizzle...anyone not drooling? I am! . . . . . #cheesecake #baker #baking #newyorkcheesecake #sweetaffirmationsbakery
Alright friends, I’m going live TONIGHT to talk about Beautycounter, some of my favorite products and the awesome deals we have going right now! If you’re interested in safer products for yourself or your family, or know of anyone who might be, shoot me a message or comment below and I’ll add you to the event 🤍 One lucky person who tunes in live will receive a FREE Beautycounter product and if you’re a new client, not only can you get 20% off your first order through the end of May but we also have a Memorial Day special going! Spend $125 by 5/26 and receive a free Countersun After Sun Cooling Gel, Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream OR Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer! You truly don’t want to miss out on these awesome deals! Remember to comment below or DM me if you’re interested in learning more! #giveaway #saferproducts #discount #skincare #makeup #bathproducts
So thankful for a friendship with this lady right here that stands the test of distance ❤️ There is nothing more precious than a friend who prays with and for you, comes to you when she needs prayer herself and who you can go for a walk with, cry with, drink wine with, travel with and so much more. Thank you for always being such a huge encouragement in my life and for always pointing me more and more toward the Lord and truth.
Please be patient with me in this post ❤️ When I was 14, I was diagnosed with PCOS, a condition that leads to infertility, weight gain, excess hair in places you don’t want it because of high testosterone levels, insulin resistance, hormone imbalance, cysts in your ovaries and more. When I started having symptoms on top of my PCOS symptoms and that weren’t explained by it, I started asking questions and 3 months ago was also clinically diagnosed with Endometriosis: a condition that means HORRIFIC pain, scar tissue growing in places it shouldn’t leading to internal organs being fused together, infertility, nausea and again, so much more. Do you know what is prescribed for both of those conditions? Birth control. That’s the “fix" we are offered. A bandaid I’ve never ever been willing to say yes to because it’s just that, a bandaid that leads to other awful side effects on top of not fixing anything. And what I’ve found in saying no to that, is how much I can do to lessen many of the symptoms I experience naturally. I’ve spent years adjusting what I eat, severely limiting medications, and most recently have been switching over the products we use to things that don’t hold the hundreds of toxic chemicals found in most things on shelves these days. Which brings me to Beautycounter, a company always advocating for and offering safer products. Make-up/skincare was the last thing I had focused on because it’s not something I wear or use often, but receiving another diagnosis this year pushed me over the edge. These changes and the results I’ve seen from them have turned this into a passion of mine and as a result, I’m excited to announce that I have become a Beautycounter consultant! I’ll be working to create a separate page for this business but really hope that if you are someone who has questions, wants more information, is already on the fence or who is passionate about the same to reach out! Comment below or send me a DM if you are interested, I would truly love to talk with you more. This is far outside of my comfort zone, which I hope just goes to show even more so that it’s something that really matters and has made a huge difference in my life.
Happy Earth Day, friends 🌍 . . . . . #EarthDay #creation #beauty #conservation #washington #galveston #florida #tampa #texas #dallas #austin #germany #badwindsheim #rothenburgobdertauber
Happy 26th Birthday to this guy ❤️ Year 25 looked like a lot of time apart, including your last birthday, but so many adventures when we were together. Oh and you now have robot eyes 👀 ...Happy Birthday, my love. Excited to see what adventures we get to have this next year together.
Hey, love? Happy first Valentine’s Day ever getting to physically be together ♥️ Today has been ordinary and perfect - I wouldn’t have if any other way.

An elephant never forgets. Just like elephants, we hang on to every little thing that has happened to us telling ourselves we can’t and won’t forget what was done or said to us by someone. As I write this it pains me to say that I’ve spent my whole life being just like an elephant; I’ll forgive but I won’t forget being my everyday excuse. My eyes were opened this morning in a big way. 

Luke 23:34 is the perfect example of forgiveness. “Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.” Despite how horribly Jesus was being abused and insulted and the pain he was put through, he asked God to forgive those who were hurting him. I don’t know about anyone else, but the last thing I think about when someone has hurt me is forgiveness. I become angry, upset, hurt and if I’m being honest, sometimes I want them to feel that pain too. Each day my attitude toward the people who have hurt me evolves as I realize we all have a choice between being angry at that person or realizing its in the past and that those pieces of hurt are like a piece of stone being chipped at. Each time we feel pain, another piece is broken off to form us into the masterpiece He intends for us to be. Without hurt we remain a stone with no character, so if I take that one step further, shouldn’t I be thankful for those who have hurt me for helping form me?

When Jesus says “they know not what they do”, he isn’t implying they didn’t realize they were hurting him. Sure, it’s possible for us to hurt others without realizing we are hurting them but most of the time, we know exactly what we are doing. Revenge, right? God is just and He tells us in Romans 12:19 that it isn’t our place to get back at others for how they’ve hurt us. “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” He knows our hearts and lives better than anyone and He will take care of things as He sees fit. Now, don’t go waiting for terrible things to happen to people because of this, that isn’t how God works. It could be the immediate forgiveness you show to that person that changes their heart or at least starts them on a different path. Have you ever said something mean to someone and had them forgive you before you even apologize? Whoa! How do you even handle that situation? Wouldn’t that make you rethink things a tad bit? So while they are trying to figure out what they are doing and how they are acting, you can take the hurt, learn from it and pray about it. 

In the last few months, I’ve thought long and hard about the people who have inflicted pain on me physically and emotionally. When they hurt me, what was going on in their life? Were they going through a hard time? What was their life like growing up? Were they feeling lost? These questions are endless really. Just as what I’ve gone through has impacted who I am, what they’ve gone through has impacted them. Again I say, we all have a choice in how we respond to situations and who we become after them but for some people, they weren’t taught to take the high road and some felt like they absolutely couldn’t. Maybe those harsh words or punches were a result of something much worse that happened to them. Those bullied become the bully because the only way they can find to feel better about themselves is through hurting others. Can we really hold it against them then? 

I’ll admit that I used to view forgiveness as weakness, like I was giving in and they were winning. Now I know that forgiveness is strength. It took amazing love, courage, grace and strength for Jesus to forgive all who hurt him. That is the kind of forgiveness we should show to all. 

Here is the part that really hit me this morning though: forgetting. Not in the literal sense of course because without some kind of medical reasoning, I’m not even sure that is possible, but in the sense that we don’t act like something happened to us. Let me explain that one a little bit better before I lose you. In Psalm 103, David talks about God’s great love for us. Verse 12 says “As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.” The first time I read this verse I had to go back and reread it a few times to stop myself from being completely speechless. When we come to God with our sins, admit it all and ask for forgiveness, not only does He forgive us but he completely wipes our slate clean! Doesn’t that sound too good to be true? The cool thing is, its not! When we do things that we know are wrong and we hurt God, He forgives us and He forgets. Once again, let me clarify, God doesn’t literally forget the things we’ve done but He doesn’t carry them around ready to hold them against us if the opportunity arises. Those things we are hurt by are stored away on a shelf as something we only remember so we can learn and grow from them. If we forgive someone, we have stopped ourselves from being upset with them for what they did but if we ‘forget’, we stop ourselves from carrying around the hurt like a constant burden. To put it quite frankly, forgetting is a matter of learning to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and learning to not spend every single day acting like a victim. Use all the pain to build your testimony, don’t let it define you and lead others to wonder where your faith truly lies. This was something I personally needed to realize and I already feel so much better now that I have. 

It’s good to know God’s not an elephant and now it’s time to stop being one myself. 

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