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 “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” – Philippians 4:6


            If you were to ask those who know me well (or even those who don’t know me so well) what one of my struggles is, they would more than likely tell you I’m impatient.

            A couple weeks ago, my sister came down to Galveston to celebrate her birthday and I remember her telling me that my driving was scaring her (go ahead guys, laugh it up) to which I took offense at the time. It bothered me so much that I continued to think about it up until yesterday when I was on my way to Dallas.

            As usual, Houston traffic was at a standstill and rain seemed to be the only cause but something was different. I thought about how frustrated I usually get when I’m making a long drive and feel like a sitting duck on the highway and realized the reason my driving had scared my sister was because I was an impatient driver. I had become the person swerving between cars, the person who had always driven me absolutely crazy. In fact, I’ve told many people that if I could have any super power, it would be to pick up the slow cars in the left lane and move them over. Jokingly of course…or so I thought.

            Then yesterday I got in my car to make the 5-hour drive I typically dread and I found myself thankful for every minute of my 5-hour drive because every minute was an opportunity to pray and worship and a chance to listen to podcasts; every minute was a chance to draw near to Him.

Instead of complaining about each red light, I found myself wishing there were more.


            How many times in my life have I wasted opportunities because I’m too busy selfishly trying to hurry along what’s next? I wasn’t treating God’s perfect time like His perfect time at all.

            I’m only 22, but it seems like the older I get, the more people wonder why I’m single and more than that, why I’m not looking. Family or friends ask when I’ll finally have a boyfriend or when I’m getting married and they respond with “I’m sorry”, when I let them know I’m not worried about finding someone. You see, there are many things wrong with me but not dating isn’t one of them. I become irritated with these questions, not just because there is the fact that God may have no intention of placing a husband in my life, but because singleness is a blessing. And why are they sorry? I’m not ill, dying or diseased. I’m single. Praise God I am single! I’m GRATEFUL He is giving me time and room to grow in Him.

            With that said, I haven’t always seen it that way. Our world teaches us there is something wrong with us if we aren’t hanging on the arm of another human being or making goo-goo eyes at someone at all times. I’ve fell into that trap many times and it only ever left me feeling more alone. God is the only one who can make us feel happy and fulfilled, not even a husband can do that.

            It all goes back to patience. I can patiently wait for God to bring someone into my life IF that is His plan, but that doesn’t mean I need to waste the red light opportunity staring me in the face. You better believe I’m making goo-goo eyes at someone at every red light and that someone is my Creator.

            So next time I’m heading down Seawall and a tourist, who has definitely never seen water before, stops in the middle of the road to admire the beaches and ocean, I’m going to be thankful. Next time someone asks why I’m single; I’m going to laugh and be thankful. Next time a door is closed on an opportunity I wanted, I’m going to be thankful and praise Him in the hallway. I’m going to be thankful for the extra moment to admire God’s creations, thankful for the opportunity to just be grateful and thankful for the red light reminder because His timing is always better than my own.

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