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Meditating on Isaiah 41:10 this morning and felt the weight of a few things:

1. God’s sovereign is bigger than COVID-19’s sovereign, as well as anyone or anything else’s sovereign. We are told in Hebrews 4:3 that “His works were finished from the foundation of the world.” No amount of planning, washing, closing down, purchasing, or attempts at controlling our situations in regards to our health or anything else in our life changes the fact that we are in fact, not in control and that is a freeing truth. His sovereignty is a place we should be able to rest, not a place that should lead us to anxiety and fear.
Is it important to take precautions where necessary, such as washing our hands or staying home if we are sick in any way? Absolutely, that’s something we should always be doing, but there is a line between precaution and creating an idol of health and self. Which leads me to my next thought this morning…

2. My life is no more important than any others. Why not me? Why shouldn’t I be one to get sick? Why shouldn’t it be me who has a chronic condition that comes with unbearable chronic pain? Why shouldn’t it be me who had a difficult first year of marriage because of distance or has to say goodbye to her husband for long periods of time? The question should never be, “Why me?”. If it is, we have lost sight of the cross and our savior, something I have done many times when the pain feels like too much.

Mark 9:24b – “I do believe; help my unbelief.”

Fear and anxiety are rooted in unbelief, friends. I say that as someone who built her life on fear for so long that it took over everything. As someone who still has to daily hand things back to the Lord that I try to control. When I’m woken up in the middle of the night with pain so bad I’m vomiting and immediately spike a fever, I don’t always praise God in the end for the nights that aren’t like that or thank him for a husband who sits with me, doing everything he possibly can to try and help. For a long time, the question was always, “Why me?”.

But when I stop asking that question, he changes my perspective. The middle of the night pain starts to look like more moments I have awake to spend with him and it looks like a reminder that he is my comforter and the one who provides rest. It reminds me that I have a savior who suffered greatly and who can relate to any suffering I may face. A savior who weeps with us and who has gone to the Father repeatedly in prayer to ask if there is another way, but also ended each prayer with, “yet not as I will, but as you will.” It reminds me that I am not alone in those moments. He also uses that time to remind me of the suffering of others; things that are heavy and hard all around me in the lives of everyone in different seasons of life.

So in the midst of everything the media has to say, what Trump has to say, what friends have to say, and even what doctors have to say, have you looked to see what God says? The one who is sovereign over all? The solution is not fear-fueled self-preservation, friends. It’s trusting in a God who is not overwhelmed.

“‘Do not fear, for I am with you;
Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God.”
– Isaiah 41:10

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