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Hayley Murray
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A Little Bit About Me

I used to write for myself. It was an escape when everything else was falling and failing around me growing up. I could write myself into a different world where I chose who got to come along.
As I grow older and closer to God, all I want to do is write for Him and the day my writing becomes more about me than Him is the day I stop. Each day I’m hungry to learn more so that I never lead anyone astray and I’m thankful for the ability and freedom to use the gift He gave me to glorify Him.



My Name is Hayley

God placed a wonderful man in my life in 2013 who I now get to call husband. Together, we go where the Army sends us and take our two fur babies along for the ride.

I AM || Chosen. Forgiven. Redeemed. Called.


People | Stories | Writing | Cakes | Pastries | Baking | Creator | Creation


milk is better with ice

nothing beats ice cream and chocolate covered gummy bears

running is best done vertically

rain, thunderstorms, lightning storms, singing, dancing, reading, writing, hiking, bodies of water, whale sharks, the office, mumford and sons, and movie soundtracks are my favorite things

there is just something wonderful about old music and movies

Aggie football. gig ’em

shoes? never. life is better barefoot.

I’m passionate about writing and helping people find their purpose in Christ instead of the list of things the world throws our way. If you’re reading this, know that He can and will use you no matter where you are, what you know or don’t know, who you’ve been and what you’re doing.



One comment on “A Little Bit About Me

  1. Michaela says:

    Glad I found your blog! The layout is so cool. Looking forward to reading more of it (:


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